Sunday, May 30, 2010

2:12am and pondering...

This is what being awake at 2:12am leads to... deep thoughts whilst surfing the Internets. I've been sick lately and woke up at 1:31pm. The excerpt below made me think a lot about expectations. Especially expectations for young women and teens. What do you think?
"God's sacred intent for us goes far beyond just saving
sex till marraige, wearing one-piece swimsuits insteads of
skimpy string bikinis, or idolizing Christian bans instead
of secular ones. It is not just making sure we tack on some
Christian morality to our self-indulgent lives.

His sacred intent for you and for me is nothing short of
absolute abandonment to Jesus Christ, entire separation from
the pollution of the world, and ardent worship of our
King with every breath we take.

Yes, it's a huge vision-one that is contrary to everything
our culture presents. In our modern world, we as young
women seem to be presented with only two options for our
femininity-we can either embrace the sensual, sexed-up
version of womanhood glorified by pop culture or we can
go the opposite direction and trade in perfume and makeup
for grit, grunge, and guy-like behavior.

But both of these options cause us to completely miss out
on the glorious pattern God designed for our femininity. We
were created to shine with heavenly beauty, to radiate with Christ-
like feminine loveliness, and to sparkle with the lily-white
purity of our Prince (Jesus). We were created to be set-apart
for Him.
-Excerpt from 'Set-Apart Femininity'"

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