Sunday, May 2, 2010


I'm curious to hear what challenges YOU (yes... you... the one reading this) face with infertility and or faith. This blog was originally designed for me to help grow in my faith. And lately, my struggles with infertility go hand in hand with my faith.

I just know God has a plan for me. For us. For you. For everyone.

I also know that my infertility can be a burden to some. In some ways, yes, it is a burden for us. But more so, it's a heart ache and I think there is a difference.

Sometimes I feel like people truly do not get the struggle unless they have been through it or if they are going through it. Sometimes I feel like our infertility is an inconvenience to people (mainly my husband's family - I didn't follow their traditions by getting pregnant immediately)

So .... what challenges do YOU face (in infertility or in anything)
What verses of the Bible do you turn to for strength?

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Ashley said...

Despite having "beat" infertility, it still clouds almost everything I do. I still can't entirely believe Evie's here and mine, I know that I can't have the size family I want in the time I want it, I'll never forget my losses, etc. I do have to say Evie helps, a lot. As for faith, well, religion, my current struggle is finding the correct balance between my mundane life and my spiritual life, as well as reconciling the two spiritual paths I'm on (yoga and paganism), as well as overcoming my weaknesses to become an excellent priest.

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