Monday, May 31, 2010

Through the Rain...

There's something wonderful about rain this time of year.
The way it feels on my skin.
The smell.
I absolutely love rain this time of year.
It's comforting.
It's cooling.
It's special.

You can't help but FEEL God's Grace in the rain.
Does that sound silly? ....Perhaps it's just me.

Today the rain came down... and it was wonderful.

It was REFRESHING.... on many levels, not just regarding temperature. With excitement, I grabbed my husband and off we ran in the rain.
The glorius rain.
Splashing in puddles like a child.
Holding hands.
Getting completely soaked and not caring.
Ah Rain. A blessing indeed.

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Shanel said...

I too love the rain..... when it's just rain its so peaceful and relaxing... and always much needed where I live:)

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