Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A thought....

This probably sounds completely ridiculous.... but I'm really appreciating what God has done for us. Us meaning me, you, all of us! The thought of Christ on the cross to save US is a powerful thought, there's no denying that. BUT... ever since I fractured my ribs I feel more connected ((if that makes sense)) to God's plan.
I'm completely aware of how odd this post may be.
My ribs hurt. They hurt BAD. I have a high tolerance for pain and I'm really not wimpy when it comes to pain.
Last night was a rough night sleeping. Instead of getting all sorts of angry about not being able to find a comfortable sleeping position, I focused on how much Christ went through for me, for you, for us. Two fractured ribs is nothing compared to the pain of the Crucifix. God is good. Even when ribs are bad.

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