Monday, February 14, 2011

4 years 9 months

Today is Valentine's Day and it is our tradition that we go to HOOTER's for Valentine's Day. This restaurant is highly misunderstood mainly because of how the girls dress there.

It's the best chicken in the whole wide world and the best service.

We started going to Hooter's a few years ago when hubby was trying to wine and dine me for Valentine's Day. The restaurant we were at (my choice) was sooooo crowded and they didn't do reservations and the wait was forever. Finally, after much rumbly in our tumblies, I said, "Take me there" and across the street we went and thus the Hooters tradition began.

We've been together for almost ten years and we're incredibly blessed. We'll be married for six years this May and we've been trying to conceive a living baby since our one year wedding anniversary, hence the title of this entry.

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