Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Doctor visit today :)

I'm going in for bloodwork today to check my beta levels.

I'm feeling very secure and hoping my levels are rising, rising, rising! They're supposed to double every two to three days which means today's results ::should:: be over 1,000 (at a minimal).

I'm not sure if today is ultrasound day or not, but regardless I'm excited for the results.

I'll be praying all day until I get the results back which may not be until tomorrow.

Pray for our little baby, please! :)


SbMac said...

I am praying with all my might LeLe!!!! If I could I'd be right there all day and night with you and Marky!!! I would pull pranks all night to keep us laughing :)

fightingobesity said...

Woohoo! *fingers crossed* Praying super hard for you!!!! :)

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