Thursday, March 17, 2011

First ultrasound with Dr. P today!

Our appointment today was WONDERFUL!
It went much much better than I expected.
God is always good, but today, again, I'm feeling especially blessed.
We first went in for our ultrasound which went very nicely. I must say, the room was perfection. Previous locations I've been to for ultrasounds made me feel very uncomfortable. I was glad to have hubby with me.
Everything is looking great and right on schedule. There is no heartbeat yet, because it's simply too soon to see that.
After our ultrasound I had my blood taken to monitor the progesterone. I've been SO anxious to know what my progesterone level was that I told the nurses that I'd wait the 40 minutes in the waiting room for the results.
After the bloodwork, we went in to meet with Dr. P and he is beyond excited for us which is just wonderful. I love when he smiles, he's so serious all the time!
He wants me to have my bloodwork done for GD, glucose and thyroid. I'll be having the GD and glucose done this weekend.
I will then have the thyroid tested on the 26th and we'll discuss all results following our next ultrasound on March 31st.
If all is going well and we have good results and a heartbeat, I will be dismissed from infertility care.
FINALLY after the ultrasound, bloodwork, and chat with Dr. P - we sat in the waiting room and waited for the results of my progesterone testing.
The embryologist came out to take me back to tell me that my progesterone did indeed go UP to 11.7!!!! This is GREAT news! Because of how good my ultrasound looks and because of this rise, they will not be monitoring progesterone anymore because really it's now all up to my body (and God). We had a great chat and she gave me some pointers on some things with the supplements.
I'm feeling very blessed today! I met with the entire team today from the receptionist to the nurses to the ultrasound tech to the lab tech to my RE and to the embryologist.
What a wonderful day!!! :)

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Lucid Anne said...

YAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! :D SO happy for you!!!

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