Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hi, baby! :)

Today's appointment was WONDERFUL! For starters, my mother-in-law was able to join us for the ultrasound portion of the appointment. When we got in, I was able to see our baby immediately. And then... there it was. The heartbeat. The most beautiful flicker I've ever seen. Flicker, flicker, sweet baby, flicker flicker! THEN after watching the baby and taking some measurements, the tech turned on the VOLUME! We got to HEAR the heartbeat! Talk about crying!!! I was elated. I knew we'd SEE it but I had no clue that we'd HEAR it.

I'm measuring a bit ahead right now at 8 weeks. Everything is looking great. The ultra sound was pretty much the best five minutes of my life. Everything feels so real now. And that sound will play in my heart for months to come. :)

After the ultrasound my mother-in-law had to leave to go to work which is totally fine because only Mark is allowed in with me for my review with the nurse and Dr. P.

I love seeing Dr. P smile. He's completely thrilled and he DISMISSED ME FROM INFERTILITY CARE!!! I will now be going to a local women's center to a Dr. he recommended. He says I'll like her because she's Irish. ;)

My due date is now being calculated for November 10, 2011 give or take five days.

My bloodwork testing came back GREAT! We did an early testing for Gestational Diabetes (which is VERY common in PCOS women) and everything from my levels to my A1C are completely healthy - no issues at all. The only issue we do have is my thyroid is now LOW so we're changing my dosage from 150mcg down to 137mcg. I had to chuckle a bit because I suggested the dosage - so he knows I've been reading up. I'll be on the progesterone supplements until May 3, 2011. On May 3rd, I'll also STOP taking the glumetza (metformin). Glumetza/Metformin is a medication used for PCOS women to help their levels and their ovary functions. Clearly, it has worked for me.

Dr. P will still be included in all of my appointments, things will be sent to his office but from now on, I'll be treated like a normal pregnant woman. My blood pressure and weight were great, although he wants me to be eating more frequently throughout the day (small snacks) because I am down 12lbs now since finding out we're pregnant.

Dr. P and the nurses asked I keep in touch and send pictures. I go back to see him three months after the baby is born.

I'm feeling incredibly blessed. God has truly given me the biggest blessing I could ever dream of. I'm no longer going to cry myself silly on Mother's Day. I'm not going to feel hopeless this Mother's Day. I can't believe that in 8 months this amazing doctor changed my life and fixed 15 years of problems and nearly 5 years of infertility. All we needed was his knowledge and our faith and here we are.

When we were leaving the office, Dr. P went to shake my hand as usual and I said, "Oh no, you are getting a hug!" Holding on to him I said to myself, "God, thank you for this man!" We are blessed.

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Caitlin said...

I am so very happy for you all!

Losing weight in the beginning isn't terribly uncommon... So don't stress out about it (I lost 30pounds before I started gaining anything), but definitely eat small meals throughout the day because it'll help keep your body functioning while it grows a baby. The smaller meals may also help with your nausea!

You're due (now) on my grandma's birthday! November is a good month to have a kiddo... :-)

God is good!

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