Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Milk Challenge

Hubby is determined to get me to drink more milk that is not skim milk.

This is going to be interesting, folks!

I've been drinking skim milk since the good ole college days. Regular milk just doesn't taste right to me but we need to be getting in that calcium. So we bought mini quarts of milk today of Vitamin-D milk and 1% milk.

I must say, the vitamin D milk isn't so bad! It's just thick!

I'm feeling pretty good, just super tired. I get interesting bouts of nausea but nothing too severe, however, I anticipate a rise in the morning sickness with the coming days. At least thats what the baby books are warning me against. And I'm soooo anxious for the 31st to get here!

This morning I had bloodwork done to check for GD and next Saturday we're rechecking the thyroid and then finally on the 31st we're going to hopefully be seeing the heartbeat.

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