Sunday, March 13, 2011

Signs :)

I've been spending any free time I have researching and social networking with my "cysters" to ensure optimal safety and security for this pregnancy.

I trust in God and His Plan but it's nice to see it in writing, LOL

Below I have made a list of why I feel that this pregnancy will be OK and will end with a living, healthy, child.

  • Acid reflux has increased tremendously which is typically a result of rising progesterone.
  • I am taking glumetza.
  • I am on a prenatal.
  • My first beta was 515.
  • I am on progesterone supplements 2x a day.
  • My breasts are so sore... and it brings me comfort!
  • I swear I could land some great wi-fi connections with my nipples.
  • I'm sleeping. A LOT. I took TWO naps today.
  • I threw up this afternoon! Who knew that would thrill me!?!?
  • But most importantly: I have MANY MANY people praying for us. I'm feeling more secure.

Tuesday I go in for more bloodwork and once the beta is over 2000 I will have my first ultrasound and will then be released from infertility care.

I've been DREAMING of seeing that little heart flutter on the screen.

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Sara said...

Hahaha, Leigh Anne! You crack me up. But I agree, throwing up is a good thing. I've read multiple places about how the sicker the mom, the lower the incidence of miscarriage (which led to a lot of first trimester worrying for me because I was never sick once). BUT my nipples felt like they were on FIRE, so I agree - this is another good sign for you. I cannot wait to see this beautiful story unfold. I am praying hard that you get to see that heart beat very soon. - Sara Jefferson (Kolaja)

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