Sunday, April 17, 2011


Lately I've been discovering that there are certain issues people feel the need to push on me in regards to my pregnancy and the birth of this child in 30 weeks.

Do note that these are issues people feel the need to email me rather randomly and while I'm all for advice - I also take a stand on some issues.

I've discovered that there are several issues that aren't even up for discussion for me. I probably sound psychotic and rude but there are some issues that I will just NOT bend on. Here is my list. If you plan on commenting, please be fore-warned that if we're not in the same boat - I'm not up to discuss or debate our decision. I think some of our decisions are almost in a sense sacred, especially regarding baptism.

1. Breastfeeding is not evil or dirty. It's not sexual. I would LOVE to be able to breastfeed and hope that I'm able. I'm not sure if I'll be able to with my thyroid medication or not. I don't see why not. But yes, I do hope to breastfeed. I feel that baby meal time whether it is formula or momma's milk is a special bonding time.

2. Infant baptism - it's happening. Please don't try to insult/degrade my religious beliefs.

3. Circumcision. If it's a boy, it's happening. It's a personal and cultural belief. It's happening. It's necessary. I also wonder if people dare even bring this up to Jewish mothers.

4. Meal time should be together as a family. I don't plan on having my child parked in front of the tv every night for dinner. I think having your child sit at the table with you and learn how to eat properly is important. I also think having conversations with your child is important.

5. Vaccines. Everyone has an agenda. I just want my kid protected. C-section vs. Vaginal birth --- Whatever needs to happen to ensure the safety of this child will happen.

6. Stretch mark cream --- seriously? Do you really think a woman my size gives a crap about stretchmarks?

7. Co-sleeping. I haven't formed an opinion on it. I just hope my baby is able to sleep restfully.

8. Cloth diapers - no opinion really - don't really plan on using them.

9. Gender appointment - do you really think a woman like me who has gone through FIVE years of heartache will be able to wait to find out what she is having? We're finding out, we deserve it, LOL

10. Teletubbies are banned from my house, they scare the crap out of me. Worse than clowns.

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silvernin said...

My brother decided on cloth diapers. I think the only real advantage is if you're dedicated to being eco friendly. They need to be changed very frequently to prevent diaper rash - wet cotton chafes a LOT. Also, one the baby starts crawling the bulky cotton gets in the way a bit. Nothing major, but I could see the difference when T was in a disposable diaper.

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