Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tears of JOY.

Today I had my first appointment with my new OB. Dr. Easter is AMAZING! First of all, he's got a GREAT personality and sense of humor.

Secondly, he is incredibly gentle and you can just tell that he's in this business because he loves what he does.

I had a pap done and then we went to listen for the heartbeat. He told me not to panic when we couldn't hear it because my uterus isn't positioned properly (thanks PCOS!) and because we're still early in the pregnancy.

We had some good conversation and I officially have no restrictions. He also would like me to wean off of my glumetza starting tonight because my levels are amazing. He thinks I'm absolutely correct in my assumption that the glumetza is making my nausea so bad. So, we'll see.

He noticed I was shaking and asked if I was okay, I told him I was cold and nervous. (Um, hello -- I was naked and hadn't heard the heartbeat yet lol)

He ordered an immediate ultrasound and I got dressed to move to the next room. He came out to the waiting room to check on me. Seriously, how awesome is that!?!?!

THEN he found the ultrasound tech and he STAYED WITH ME and HELD MY HAND so I wouldn't be so scared. It was the sweetest thing ever. Sure enough, we heard that heartbeat and I cried. He smiled and said, "See, you're going to be just fine - but I think because of your PCOS, you'll be having these ultrasounds each appointment to make sure things are okay and to ease your anxiety." He squeezed my hand and said goodbye and I thanked him for being so kind. I'll see him again in 4 weeks.

I'm feeling so positive about him. I hope I can have him as my doc when I go into labor but there really is no telling as to who that will be.

When Dr. Easter left I found out that he was late for a meeting and he STAYED WITH ME and chose to go to the meeting late. I can't tell you how much that means to me. The ultrasound tech gave me a guided tour of my uterus and said that because my belly has already hardened, she needed to make sure there wasn't another baby in there. There's only one baby. :)

It's amazing to see the change in growth since my last ultrasound. I cried tears of joy as I watched my baby bounce and move, wiggle and wraggle to the soundtrack of their heartbeat. The most beautiful sight and sound in the world.

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