Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Now you know my abc's...

A, AGE, 29

B, Bed Size, Queen

C,Chore you hate, folding/putting away laundry

D, Dog, Bailey the Basset Hound is our family dog

E, Essential start to your day, Synthroid! :P

F, favorite color, purple

G, Gold or Silver, gold

H, Height, 5' 2"ish?

I, Instrument you play , piano

J, Job Title, Wife, Special Education Teacher, Aunt, Sister, Daughter, Friend, PCOS Advocate and now... MOTHER!

K, Kids, Meeting our miracle in November!

L. Live, PA

M, Mothers name, MOM!

N, Nicknames, LeLe, Gibs, Gibby, FuzzBall (my parents still call me this...I was born with a full head of hair)

O, Overnight Hospital Stays. coming soon!

P, Pet peeve, I have so many...that could be an entirely different post!

Q, Quote from a movie,
Live! Life's a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death! --- Auntie Mame

R, Right or left handed, I'm a righty

S, Siblings, one brother and lots of cysters :)

T, Time you wake up, lately... whenever I get a swift kick in the bladder :)

U, Umbrella?? Well, it's usually in the car when I'm in the house or vise versa.

V, Vegetables you dislike, Peas and beats

W, What makes you run late? buggies!

X, X- rays you've had. Knee, foot, ribs, back ovaries

Y, Yummy foods you make, Meatloaf, deviled eggs, italian chicken, shepherds pie

Z, Zoo, favorite animal, cats - all shapes and sizes!

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