Thursday, July 7, 2011

Air Quality Warnings

It's been very humid lately and yesterday there were air quality warnings in place which meant it was another night we did not go for our walk.

I'm quickly learning the reasoning behind the OB's warnings about weather and humidity for pregnant women. I always assumed the warnings were for women who were in the third trimester and then it dawned on me... duh! You're like 4 weeks away from trimester number 3! WHOA!

Sooooo I ordered this DVD today so I can get my exercise in during the day in the air conditioning.

Exercise in general is important but staying active while pregnant is important because it can help your body "survive" labor - and considering most first time pregnancies result in a long labor... I want to be prepared. It also helps you "bounce back" from pregnancy in addition to the obvious it being good for you and baby!

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