Tuesday, July 12, 2011

From... Pregnancy Sucks for Men...

I found this funny when my husband read it to me. He is presently reading, "Pregnancy Sucks for Men..." and the other night he told me that I should feel free to complain about pregnancy because I really haven't complained at all about being pregnant.... but I truly have no complaints! So after some prodding from him I did admit that while I love being pregnant, I do struggle from time to time with asking for help, almost as if I'm less independent because of restrictions such as lifting, etc... but other than that ... no issues or complaints! Anywhoo, here are 12 things you should never say to a pregnant woman from Pregnancy Sucks for Men by Joanne Kimes.

1. "Hey! You have more nipple hair than I do."
2. "I never noticed the resemblance before but you look a lot like the Pillsbury Dough Boy."
3. "But I've seen other pregnant women work out at the gym."
4. "Can I get you a trough?"
5. "Good news! I started an office pool about whether you'll poop during delivery."
6. "You know your butt really does look big in those pants."
7. "Look! You and I have the same sized hands."
8. "Hey you are blocking the TV! Hell, you're blocking the whole wall!"
9. "Can I use your maternity underwear to cover the BBQ?"
10. "I never knew stretchmarks were so unattractive."
11. "If I connect all those new moles on your chest, I'd make Texas."
12. "No."

Personally I find this hilarious! :)

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