Thursday, July 7, 2011

Getting ready for baby brother...

Millie is my first baby, my fur baby. She turned 8 this year. According to the vet, she is officially a "senior citizen."

She's definitely learning and noticing that "something is different with mommy" that's for certain! She's always been an intuitive cat. She has been with me through all the ups and downs of infertility and now with pregnancy I think she was at first confused but is now comprehending that a small human is on the way.

When I started developing colostrum/breast milk/fluid she would sniff me, ears would go back, and she'd puff up and walk away.

If we bring in anything for baby we have her sniff it first and let her see what it is. We have the crib set up and she sleeps under it but won't go in it (which is GOOD). The other day we received a DVD in the mail and I even had her inspect that for good measure.

Last night/this morning at about 4:15am, she jumped into bed with us and started licking my belly! It was really sweet! I think she's going to be good with the baby. I sure hope so!

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