Friday, July 29, 2011


About the mommy:
Name: Leigh Anne
Age: 29
Is this the first child?: Yes

About the daddy:
Name: Mark
Age: 33
Is this the first child?: Yes

Finding out:
What day did you find out you were pregnant?: 3-10-11
How did you feel when you found out?: We were on cloud nine! We tested at 3am and we couldn't go back to bed. We knew this was it, this was truly our miracle. And we were right!Who was with you?: Mark

How did the daddy react?: Pretty much the same way I did.. we hugged, kissed, cried, rejoiced, prayed...

Telling the grandparents:
How did you parents react?: Excited! A bit worried because of our past but excited and optimistic.

How did his parents react?: I'm not sure

How often do they call to check on you?: My family calls frequently, his family maybe once a week

About the pregnancy:
When is your due date?: 11-11-11
How far along are you right now?: 25 weeks!
Have you had an ultra sound?: Yes! Several!
Have you heard the heartbeat?: Yes, Several times
Sex of the baby: BOY
What do you want. Boy or Girl?: We just wanted a living healthy baby, no preference.
Do you know what you are having now?: Boy oh BOY do we!
Are you happy with what you are having?: DEFINITELY!

About the birth:
Who is going to be with you?: Hubby for sure. I don't know how many people are allowed in the room with us but I know my mom wants in pretty bad, LOL

Are you going to video tape it?:Um, NO. maybe a few photos but no thank you to cameras "down south"
Natural or medicated?: Give me drugs :)

Do you think you will have a c-section?: I have no idea, I just want him here safe and sound

Do you think you will cry when you first hold your baby?: Most definitely.... wouldn't you cry if you were handed a gift from God that grew in your womb?

Do you know what you will say to the baby when you first hold it? Nope... but I tell him so much already.

Are you scared about the labor? No

Do you have a name picked out?: Elliot Walter

Is your baby going to be named after anyone?: Elliot is after my grandmother, Eleanor and Walter is after my father and grandfather

Did the daddy help pick the name?: Yes!

Other random questions:
Where was your baby conceived?: LOL! Really? at home..

Have you felt the baby move?: YES! More and more each day!

What was your first symptom?: Sore breasts, and I mean SORE

Will you have Godparents?: YES!

Who will be the God mommy?: Jen

Who will be the God daddy?: Joe/Bobo

What is the baby's room theme? Baby animals/baby jungle

Are you ready to be a mommy?: YES! YESSSS!!!

What do you think the baby will be a "daddys girl/boy" or a "mommys girl/boy"?: I think he'll be both!

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