Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Week 34!

A view of the hall...

I am blessed with some AMAZING women in my life.
On the left is my Aunt Shirley (God-mom). Next to her is my Aunt Anne (Mom's sister), then my mom and my Aunt Rita. God truly has blessed me with amazing female role models in my life. Women of strength, integrity, and GRACE! And my guardian angels Nana (Whom Elliot is named after) and Mommom are always with me.
Hubby and I! He's wearing a sexay daddy-to-be tool belt.
I'm so blessed with an amazing husband.
Truly. Through EVERYTHING to get here... he never once...NEVER stopped believing.

BOBO! AKA Uncle Joe! Joe is one of my oldest and dearest friends.
He's Elliot's God-father. I'm so excited to have him on this journey with us! :)

And this photo is just SO APPROPRIATE!
Rocky statue! :)

I admit... and I don't feel guilty for this AT ALL... now that I'm at week 34 and this little miracle of ours is going to be here SOON.... I have a strong urge to flip off the doctors who told us THIS was not possible. Lesson: Trust God. Always. And forever.

Sooooo I can't believe I didn't post about my awesome baby shower! Silly sneaky relatives! I could have SWORN it was going to be on the 22nd but nope! It was the 17th!

It was a beautiful event! Cakes made out of diapers, heartfelt gifts and messages in cards, love, and laughter. It truly made my day and it was just wonderful. We have all of Elliot's things put away and organized as best as possible and I'm hoping to completely finish his bedroom by the end of the month.

I've already changed my calendar to October and wrote "SAFETY ZONE" on October 22nd. I've been told that "if" I were to go into labor from that date on they would NOT stop the contractions. I have no clue when this little one will plan to make his grand entrance - but what I do know is I'm so in love with him already. Feeling him move inside of me every day and playing with him is such a joy. Yes, I said - playing! I've learned that if I drink ice cold water he does a little jig inside of me. Now I just need him to jig himself in the right position for birthing. There's still plenty of time but my OB is hoping it happens for me in the next two or three weeks.

God is so good. Never lose faith.

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