Saturday, October 8, 2011

Elliot's room is complete!

Take home outfit! This is the 0-3 month option. Still contemplating the nb size outfit.

Cradle beside our bed. Just need to pick up the mattress for it. :)

View from the third bedroom

Another shot

Just need to hem the curtains!

Changing table/dresser! He also has a second dresser in the back room. Drawer number one holds nb-3 months clothes, Drawer number two has pajamas, drawer three has towels and washcloths, drawer four has receiving blankets and burp cloths galore!

The quilt was hubby's when he was a baby!!

I made this today. On the left is my Nana (Eleanor) whom Elliot is named after. She's holding me as a baby. On the right is my Mommom holding my dad (Walter) whom Elliot is also named after.

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Erica said...

holy crap you guys ARE ON THIS SHIT. looks so ready and pretty! awesome!!!

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