Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Unexpected news

About two months ago, I went to the OB for an ultrasound because I was having some pain in the girly bits. I kept telling my husband that it felt like our son was kicking me in the crotch and in the butt. We didn't even know if this was truly possible, but at that time, sure enough, there was our son inside of me... standing on my pelvic region facing my back. It made sense.

About a month after that we went for our 3d/4d ultrasound attempt numero uno and our son was still breeched but had plenty of time to turn.

A few weeks after that we finally had our 3d/4d and he was transverse! It meant he had one more turn and then we'd be ready for a vaginal delivery as long as he didn't do a switch-a-roo. Well... about 4 or 5 days ago that pain and pressure came back and I really thought nothing of it considering um - duh - I'm 9+ months pregnant! So last week at my OB appointment we saw that it looked like I was going to dilate soon but wasn't. The OB wanted to schedule me for an ultrasound to see how much our boy weighs considering my weight has been a "0_o" issue this entire pregnancy. Yep... I'm big as a house and technically haven't gained a pound.

So today was said ultrasound and appointment.

I went in for the ultrasound and sure enough... there was my son... in a frank breech position.

I looked at the ultrasound tech and said, "How likely is it he will turn." And then... we all just sat there. And watched Elliot play with his cord, bounce around, kick, and I think he may have sucked his own toe. She told me there are some exercises I could do but considering I already do exercise - she doubts at this point that he will turn. I knew what the doctor was thinking.

We cleaned up my belly from all the belly jelly and I went in for my exam. My cervex is swollen and I'm not dilated. In addition to this, I've managed to lose 5lbs in one week and I've been eating like it's my job.

Luckily, I had my FAVORITE OB and she said, "Well... do you want to wait until week 42 or should we schedule a week 39 c-section?" I didn't know at that point so she had me get dressed and I went into her office. She told me that she could potentially try to turn him for me but she was really worried about that considering we watched him play with his cord. She was worried that if we were to turn him that we'd end up hurting him or he'd end up strangling to death. Clearly, not an option. She also told me she wouldn't want to do the turning, it made her uncomfortable.

After a few twizzlers with her, we decided to give hubby a call and pick a birthday for our son. Elliot will be born via c-section on 11-7-11. He is weighing an estimated 6 pounds and 2 ounces. He is completely healthy. I have ultimate faith in my OB and she informed me that this would be the best decision for me, my anxiety, and ultimately Elliot. Now, obviously, if Elliot decided to turn or if I go into labor before the 7th we'll have a whole other option/story.

She did tell me that she will scan me on the day of the c-section to see if he magically turned but it looks like my child is long and lean and that it won't happen. I cried a bit and felt like a darn fool because well... here I am and I'm finally pregnant.... I've made it to full term+.... my son is completely healthy.... and I'm upset about not being able to push??? LAME.

My doctor is hilarious and she said to me, "Think of it this way, I won't be ripping your vagina to shreds and neither will he!" So there's a plus...

We had a few laughs and some serious moments and by the time I digested everything 4 hours later, I feel much better.

Here are some of the perks I'm finding...

  • My last day of work is 11/4 - this means I'll go right into mommy-ville which will maximize my time off with my boy.

  • I won't have to worry about "when is it going to happen" because I already know

  • I won't be worried about my mom getting lost or in an accident when she rushes up to be with me ((but it does suck that she won't be in the room with me))

  • My husband will have the honor of holding him first. At first I was bummed about this but I think he deserves this honor considering he stood by me through thick and thin all through our infertility.

  • I won't have to worry about stitches and tears in my girly bits

  • I'll have a nice three day stay in the hospital so I will have plenty of time for Q&A

  • I got to choose his birthday

  • I know what doctor I'll have and I love her!

  • A friend of mine said I won't have to worry about a funny shaped head, LOL

  • My family is in Philadelphia so they will have a much better chance of being able to find time to come and visit

  • I know I'm making the best decision for my health and for Elliot's health

I'm pleased and calmed down now - still nervous - but just so glad to know that soon...SOON this little miracle of ours will be here.

I've waited so long for this moment. I'm so in love with this little boy. I went through hell to get him in my womb so I don't really care what I have to do to get him out. God has blessed us tremendously.

And in other news...

NINE of my cysters are pregnant! NINE! NINE! I'm so excited for them! :)


Nadine said...

Well it just goes to show you how effective a "birth plan" really is! Just gotta take everything in stride and stay stress-free till your baby's birthday :)

SbMac said...

LELE!!! Oh how I missed this post but I am thrilled for you two!!!! Can't wait to see pics of Elliot and get a chance to come see you all!!! Love you guys!!

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