Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Elliot's birth story

Elliot was born on 11-7-11 at 7:50am.
He weighed in at 7lbs 3 ounces.
He is 19.5 inches long.

We arrived at the hospital at 5am to get me prepped for surgery. Getting prepped really was not an issue at all. I got into my robe, signed a lot of paperwork, went over the procedure and met with my doctor. I ended up refusing my last ultrasound because after carrying this little man of mine for nine months, I knew he was still breached. I think the funniest part of pre-surgery was trying to get his heartbeat. Elliot was ALL over the place and it took the nurses TEN minutes to get his heart-rate. I guess he knew he was getting his eviction notice... and he wasn't the only person being evicted that day, either!

When they wheeled me down to the operating room we had some issues. The anesthesiologist I had was a complete jerk and he was horrible. Just AWFUL. Basically they had me sit on the metal table and I was hugging my doctor so that my spine was in the proper position. The anesthesiologist was becoming frustrated and making some very inappropriate comments and finally I gave my doctor a look and told her to get him the *bleep* out of there. He kept trying to numb me and he was hurting me. I let out a scream so loud and finally said, "You need to leave... NOW!" Then in about an instant the new anesthesiologist came in and he was PERFECTION! Thank you, Dr. DeAngelo! He ran his finger down my spine and boom! Found the spot, I felt a pinch and a burn and I was immediately numb and on the table ready for surgery to begin. I told him I loved him several times over. The funny thing was post-op so many nurses had come in and said something to me about what I went through with Dr. Merchant's unprofessionalism and I will be writing a strongly worded letter because he had upset me so much. However, his upsetting me was a blessing in disguise because it gave me something to tell Mark when he finally came in to sit with me.

The surgery went well! The worst part was when they were putting my uterus back into my body. I couldn't feel it of course but it gives you instant nausea. I also had my blood pressure and sugar drop big time so I had the shakes like you would not believe.

Elliot came out butt first, and hearing his cry was the most remarkable feeling and sound in the world. They took him and he scored a NINE on his first Apgar test! Then a perfect ten on his second! When Mark brought him over to me it was just amazing. AMAZING. I obviously couldn't hold Elliot as I was being put back together, but watching my son interact with my husband was amazing. Elliot knew in an instant who was holding him. He was and is perfect. Perfect!

After I was put back together I was pretty shaky still and went to recovery. Mark has a video of me holding/meeting Elliot for the first time which is really precious. I'm on a weird internet connection here at the hospital, but I can't wait to post the video once I get home.

Holding Elliot for the first time was magic. Pure magic. He coos a lot and has much to say. He told me all about his day in his own little way. And taking him to my breast for the first time... WOW. There are no words to describe the feelings I had that first day. And they've only gotten stronger since then.

I've had so much company coming in to meet him, he's a popular little man! I would definitely do this again of course. The c-section was not bad at all. The first twenty four hours were rough on me mainly because I was so "strapped"... I had compressors on my legs, an IV going, all sorts of medication in my system, a cath in, etc... and I literally could not get up to do anything. My sugars would drop and I'd become very shaky which scared me mainly because I didn't want to drop Elliot. Once the first 24 hours was up, I was offered a sponge bath but I really wanted to get back to normal. The nurses and doctors here are amazing. They have helped me get showered and dressed and my incision is looking GREAT! The one lesson I've learned is to NOT let the pain come on or else the medications aren't going to be as effective. Having my mother with us is also a huge huge help. She's not just my mom, but she is a nurse as well. I've decided I'm not going to discuss some parenting things online - mainly breastfeeding. Let's just say that Elliot is eating well, and doing great!

Elliot is just amazing. The love Mark and I feel for him truly is so strong. We are so in love. Seeing my husband with my son fills my heart with so much love and joy. I wish I could articulate it better. I am so in love with them. I never knew I could fall more in love with my husband, but it's true... it's like I've fallen in love with him all over again.

This morning was really cool. Elliot really loves skin-to-skin time and he told me all about himself this morning. He'd look in my eyes and coo and grab my hand and listen to my heartbeat, etc.

I'm feeling so very blessed and complete. Elliot truly is our miracle. The love I feel for him is the best feeling in the world.

To my husband:
Thank you for loving me all these years. For being by my side through the ups and downs of infertility. Thank you for encouraging me, for holding me, for wiping my tears and for believing in me. Thank you for loving me on the days I didn't love me. Thank you for never losing faith in the dream of parenthood. Thank you for never losing faith in me. Thank you for being my rock, my love, and my world. Thank you for making me a mom. I love you tremendously. And I thank you, for never giving up on me. I am so excited to be on this new journey with you.


fightingobesity said...

I am so happy for you, Lele! <3
You are amazing. Elliot is one really lucky little boy--he has you and Mark for parents!
Blessings galore! :)

I love you, friend!

Nadine said...

I love this... I've been looking forward to reading this story for a long time!

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