Monday, November 14, 2011

Thank you, Alyssa!

My dear friend Alyssa wrote Elliot a song! It's amazing! She even sang it via video and posted it on my fb. I love it!

Sleepy Eyes, Yawning Head, / Time for you to go to bed / And when you're dreaming in the night / We'll keep you safe, snug and tight / CHORUS Sweet baby boy you're a dream come true / We've been waiting years for you / It was worth the wai...t, now life is great / 'Cuz we've got you VERSE 2 Elliot, don't ever fear / Your mom and dad will always be near / Drift away now, rest your eyes / We'll be here to greet you when you rise CHORUS VERSE 3 When we're dozing cheek to cheek / My hearts so full, I can't speak / We'll always love you, love love you more / And then we'll love you a little more CHORUS x2

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