Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Post Partum PCOS Appointment

Below is a cut and paste of what I posted in the PCOS boards I belong to on FB. What a wonderful appointment!!!

I just got back from my appointment with Dr. P and let me tell you... I'm just in a state of complete WOW right now. We met for quite a while at this appointment and pretty much discussed anything and everything PCOS. The last 15 minutes I texted Mark and Mark brought Elliot in for photos which I'll be uploading shortly.

As of this time, all of my labs are indicating that I do not need to start any PCOS regimen be it provera, metformin, anything. Here is what I wrote in the TTC community:

"I just had my post partum appointment with my RE. My son is 9 weeks old. It looks like after having a remarkable pregnancy (took me 5 years to get pregnant, only 8 months with working with my RE though) it looks like I have provided no evidence of PCOS in my uterus, ovaries, or full lab array. My RE was FLOORED and in complete shock of my lab results. He said he was expecting to put me back on glumetza. He said you don't ever really "cure" pcos but you can improve it and the only issue he sees me having is my thyroid as of this time. He's curious to research my case further because I said to him this, "I don't know if it is pregnancy that 'fixed' me or if it is the dairy/hormones issue." He said, "What do you mean?" I said, "The entire pregnancy and even now if I have milk or ice cream I will throw up. I haven't had milk since April 2011." It's just interesting that my numbers he ran back in July 2010 are 2-3x higher than my numbers ran in December 2011. Furthermore, the photos of my body are completely different as well. So maybe saying bye-bye to dairy and hello to almond milk with NO soy isoflaves is the way to go...."

Dr. P loved hearing about my pregnancy and was shocked to find out that I was not gestational diabetic given my numbers back in July of 2010. He flat out said, "Leigh I was expecting to be writing a pile of scripts for you and opening my day planner but you look remarkable inside and out."

I did tell him that I am now on the birth control pill but was NOT on the pill when I had the labs done. He wants me to finish this month on the pill but then go off of it to see how we can get me to cycle regularly. My testosterone, liver panel, kidneys, sugars, lipids, pretty much everything came back normal. The only "bad" result was my thyroid which we already knew about. He didn't even know where to go with the results, LOL. He was expecting to get in there and see a mess. NOTHING.

Now with that said, it does not mean my PCOS is "gone" - he said in his experience he never takes the diagnosis away because PCOS is like a silent pest rearing it's ugly head whenever it sees fit.

I go back Thursday for more data collection and the research study.

He's going to be looking into the almond milk/hormone connection but he thinks it all makes sense.

And then I'll go back to him in 6 months ((July)) to take another looksie and to have a full PCOS panel done again.

When he met Elliot, it was amazing. Elliot woke right up and cooed and played with Dr. P. It's funny because Dr. P is such a serious man and here he was playing with my son, hugging him, giving him smooches and then he said, "Hey! Wait! Let's take a picture of him with me behind my desk." LOL I'm going to make a little album up for Dr. P and take it in to him. But Elliot's picture is officially going up on the wall and in the albums.

Feel free to ask questions because I know I'm leaving a ton out.

The walk down this hallway used to be an ETERNITY.... and now... now it is SO different. What I found incredibly ironic/symbolic/fitting is as we left the music playing on the radio loudspeaker was "Baby baby" by Amy Grant. First of all, I love Amy Grant. Secondly, she wrote that song for her first born, her son.

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