Saturday, September 1, 2012


Q: Isn't PCOS something to only worry about when you're trying to have a baby? Why do you still advocate for "cysters" when you have Elliot now?

A: PCOS is lifelong. It doesn't go away. It makes getting pregnant extremely difficult. For some women, pregnancy itself is exceptionally challenging. While trying for Elliot, I had people ask me why I wouldn't just quit and adopt. This question was insulting to me because regardless of fertility abilities, PCOS is still a problem in my body - no matter how I chose to become a parent. Once pregnancy is achieved, and security is assured - it is not uncommon for a PCOS woman to feel the healthiest they've ever felt. Elliot is our lucky number seven. Having him has helped some of my PCOS issues, minus the thyroid. I advocate for cysters everywhere because I've been there.... and I'll be there again. 

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