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I snagged this from soulcysters.net considering not all of my cyster readers are on that site [yet, lol]

Below you will find a list of common abbreviations in the PCOS world.   

AF- Aunt Flo
AFM- As For Me
AI- Artificial Insemination
ART-assisted reproduction technology
ASA- anti-sperm antibody
ASAP- as soon as possible
BB- bulletin board
BBL- be back later
BCP- birth control pills
BBT- basal body temperature
BD- baby dance
BETA= Beta = Beta HCG - it is a bloodtest to see if you are pregnant or not. A quanatative beta just let you now Yes or No. A Qualitative beta gives a number of how much HCG (The pregnancy hormone) is in your system. Most doctor's like to see this number double every 48 to 72 hours when you are pg.

BF- boyfriend or bestfriend
BFF- bestfriend (too)
BFN- big fat negative
BFP- big fat positive
BIL- brother in law
BMS- baby making sex
BRB- be right back
BTW- by the way
BV- bacterial vaginosis
BW- blood work
CB- cycle buddy
CD- cycle day
CF- cervical fluid
CIO- Crying it Out
CM- cervical mucous
D&C- dilation & curettage- A d&c is a procedure where the inside lining of the uterus is scraped. It is usually done when a woman has a missed miscarriage (baby is gone but the body isn't passing it) or an incomplete miscarriage (some tissue passed but not all). There are other instances where it is performed

D&E- dilation & evacuation
DE- donor eggs
DD- darling daughter
DH- darling husband
DI- donor insemination
DIUI- donor intrauterine insemination
DOST- direct oocyte sperm transfer
DPO- days post ovulation
DPR- days post retrieval
DPT- days post transfer
DR- doctor
DS- darling son
DTD- do the deed (sex)
DW- darling wife
DX- diagnosis
E2- estradiol
EA- endometrial ablation
ED- endometriosis
FAQ- frequently asked questions
FHR- fetal heart rate
EWCM- egg white cervical mucus
ET- embryo transfer
FE- frozen embryo
FET- frozen embryo transfer
FIL- father in law
FRER- first response early
FX- fingers crossed
GD- gestational diabetes
H/A- headaches (as suggested by websissy)
HPT- home pregnancy test
HSG- hysterosalpingogram
HTH- hope that helps
IC- incompotent cervix
IF- infertility
IR- insulin resistance
IUI- in uterine insemination
IYKWIM- if you know what I mean
IMHO- in my honest opinion
IMO- in my opinion
KWIM- know what I mean
LAP- laparoscopy
LMAO- laughing my a$$ off
LOL- laugh out loud or lots of love
LSP- low sperm count
LPD- luteal phase defect
MC- miscarriage
MIL- mother in law
M/S- morning sickness
MWC- married with children
NPC- natural progesterone cream
O- ovulate
OD- ovulation dysfunction
OHSS- ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome
OP- original poster (person that started the thread)
OPK- ovulation predictor kit
OT- off topic
OV- ovulated
PG- pregnant
PLS- please
POAS- pee on a stick
PUPO- pregnant until proven otherwise
RE- reproductive endocrinologist
SA- semen analysis
SAHD- stay at home dad
SAHM- stay at home mom
SC- sperm count
SO- significant other
STICKY- is a thread that the moderators want to stay at the top of a forum. MOst threads move down the forum when people stop replying. Stickies will always be at the top.
TCYOF-Taking Charge of Your Fertility (book by Toni Weschler)
TMI- too much info
TSH-thyroid stimulating hormone
TTC- trying to conceive
2WW- 2 week waiting period after O before PG test
TX- treatment
US- ultrasound

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