Monday, May 20, 2013

Hannah's prayer

"...Hannah wept much and prayed to the Lord...'I have been praying here out of my great anguish...'" ~ 1 Samuel 1:10, 16 (NIV)

This organization is absolutely fabulous.     

I am struggling right now with something infertility related.   Several people have come to me regarding a mutual person in our lives and their struggle with infertility.   They've told this person, "Talk to LeLe!  She's been through it all!   She may be able to steer you in the right direction."     She has not come to me, but I continue to pray for her.

I urge my friends to please understand that I'm confident that "our story" is "out there" and when it comes to infertility the rule is - don't jump in.    The pain of infertility is heart wrenching.   It HURTS.   And depending on the day your mood can change.   I pray that this person finds peace and guidance.   I pray that they don't lose faith in the Lord and know that God is with them and God's plan is greater than our own and God truly does know the desires of our hearts.

The fact that I have Elliot still blows my mind - even 18 months later.    It just does.   I remember the story my husband tells me when Elliot came out.   I was waiting for it.  The sound.  That sound of his cry.   And as I waited lying there on the table my blood pressure went incredibly low, as did my pulse.   The nurses were all about me.   And then in an instant that cry.   That cry I waited so long for.   That cry that filled my heart and made my wounds turn to scars.    That cry of God's Grace.   As soon as I heard it my heart and blood pressure went back to normal.    And the first time I held him to my breast I thanked God with all my being for being patient with me and for giving me this precious gift.    I don't take one day for granted.   Ever.   Even when he's naughty and pulls the cats tail.   

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