Thursday, May 9, 2013

Weight Loss Update

I am proud to announce that I am down 27lbs.    The t-shirt I'm wearing in the photos above has not fit me for YEARS.    I actually purchased it on our honeymoon back in 2005.   I love this shirt and now that it fits me again - I'm a happy gal!  

I've only had one minor setback with weight loss recently and that's because I got pretty sick and needed a steroid.   I've been following my weight watchers points mindfully and learning how to actually EAT.   You'd think a bigger gal would eat all the time.... nope... not me.   I've finally "trained" myself and have gotten myself on a schedule for eating and it's making a difference.  

I haven't set a "goal weight."   I celebrate every pound lost but especially every 5lbs lost.   I'm extremely thankful to my group of friends and my husband who are encouraging me on this journey.   It's tough being metabolically broken but I'm not allowing the Hashimoto's/thyroid issues and PCOS hold me down.   I'm so curious to see how much weight I lose this summer.    :)

A "NSV" of mine (NSV = non-scale victory) is that I didn't feel the need to crop any of these photos.  :)

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