Sunday, August 18, 2013

Week one complete!

Week one gluten free has been an absolute success!

Mark and I are both down in weight, and we're feeling good.

This weekend we finally went to check out the local farmers stand/market down the road from us.   We also visited our local Natural Food Store.    We are seeing that gluten free does not necessarily mean low calorie or a "healthier" option - so we are very much so aware of labels and we've been reading them.

I think a big difference really has been time management.   We have meals planned for the whole week and the fridge stocked and ready to go with fresh produce and prepared gluten free lunches and snacks.

I'm curious to see how we do this week.   I am down two pounds and noticing some other differences, curious if they're "real" or not.   I am done my steroid at the end of this week so once that is out of my system will be the real test.

No complaints!   Feeling great!

My next read will be this book.   :)

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