Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 11

Day 11:  Why do you believe you have the illness?   Bad luck?  A higher power?  Or something else?

It's truly my belief that everyone has a cross to bare.   For me, I have several all under the umbrella of PCOS.   Even my thyroid condition is a manifestation of the PCOS.

I could get angry and think I'm cursed or being punished, but that's just silly.

This is my challenge, this is something that has happened that is not my fault.
I can't change my genetics.   I can't change the diagnosis either.  

What I can do is pay attention to my body.
I can talk to my doctors about anything I'm experiencing.
I can network with other women and voice my concerns.
I can remain well educated and well versed and keep up on the latest research.
I can fight back by making healthy choices for my life.  

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