Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 3

Day 3:  "How did you get your diagnosis?"

By being 1000000000000% STUBBORN AND DEMANDING!

I knew something was wrong with me since I was 13!

My family doctor and my family always told me I was being over dramatic.   I needed to eat better.   I needed to exercise more.   I needed to calm down and understand this is puberty and "these things happen as your body adjusts to being a woman."

By the time I got to college I found a new doctor.   They thought the best thing for me was to just put me on the birth control pill.   It didn't help with my weight woes.   I ate healthy.   I exercised at our gorgeous fitness center.   I didn't have a car until my junior year and I walked everywhere.   Weight either maintained or rose.

After graduation and before our wedding we moved to Ephrata, PA.   Met yet another doctor and he said, "Here!  Have some phentermine!   That will help!"    He never ran any tests on me.   I was desperate.  I took the medication and lost FORTY pounds in one month.   I also couldn't eat.  Couldn't sleep.  Was turning into a yellow (literally) raving bitch.   But hey!  Skinny jeans!   Score!   Hubby flushed the pills and the weight came back on in less than two weeks.   Not even kidding.   40lbs.  Just. Like. That.  Off. And. On.    I hadn't a clue what to do so I discovered weight watchers and that rocked my socks.    After being hired for my first teaching job and being married, we moved to Myerstown.

By this time I had had some serious conversations with my Mommom who really gave me a lot of insight I would have never known had I not come to her.   She struggled with infertility, too.   She struggled with a lot of the issues I have and she told me about PCOS being in an article she read about and how she knows she had it even though it was never diagnosed.  

I met a new doctor, got tested and voila!  PCOS.   And a bum thyroid!    I was 24 years old.... I went through over a decade of hell before finding a doctor willing to listen.    But little did I know that that was as far as it would go help wise until 2010 when I finally met Dr. Pellegrini.

I feel my PCOS is under such wonderful control now because of him and his staff.    They listen to me.   They know I know my body.  

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