Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 4

Day 4:  Reaction of family and friends.

Telling my mom I had PCOS was interesting.   As a nurse, I felt she should have seen it.   Known about it.  Something.   But she really didn't.    I still don't know how seriously my family takes it because I think they see it as my "excuse" for being the way I am.   I know that as I began to lose babies, then it started sinking in to people that it was serious.    My Mommom is the reason I have a diagnosis, and she was my biggest supporter.    She understood every single thing I was going through, and I wasn't alone.   My Aunt Anne, also suffered from infertility.   In fact, she was a Dr. P patient!  (yep, he's older, ha)    My grandmother and my aunt were my biggest supporters as well as my Godmother.    My Pastor kept me sane and was incredibly helpful on so many levels as well.

As far as friends - through the power of the Internet I was able to meet many women just like me.   Women who have the same physical issues I do - and not just regarding weight.   Women who were built like me, bled like me, worried like me.... women who had experiences just like mine.    Women who knew the  pain of PCOS and the confusion.   Women who knew the heartache of loss.    Even though PCOS is no fun, nor is the Hashimoto's....I consider myself incredibly blessed .... without these chronic illnesses I wouldn't have met such extraordinary people.   Blessings in disguise.  

I have learned who to talk to about this and who not to.  

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