Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dr. P Appointment Update

Well.... we knew this was going to happen eventually.... my thyroid is in crisis.

I had some labs done about a week and a half ago.    All of my PCOS labs came back perfect, but as suspected, my thyroid is being a bit of a rebel.     My levels were NOT good and on Wednesday night Dr. P's office had called to talk of concerns regarding my thyroid even though we would be discussing it on Friday at my appointment.

After having Elliot, I went from having a thyroid condition to a flat out disease.    Specifically, Hashimoto's AutoImmune Hypothyroiditis.    It's annoying from time to time.   I knew I was "off" because I had the usual signs.   Dry skin.   Cold feet.    No movement in either direction on the scale.   Tired.   Easily annoyed.  

Because this disease can have an impact on my joints, Dr. P recommended I go back to my roots.   Swimming.    He wrote me a note to get my Curves membership cancelled so that I can join the YMCA.   I joined this morning and I'm really excited!   There are THREE water classes that meet after work at the VA location.    There are two that meet at the main location.   And there are two classes on Saturday's in the mornings ..... one of which meets when the kids korner child care is up and running.    In addition to this, lap swimming will be available (YAY!)

Even if I have a day where I don't necessarily "exercise" - a good 10-15 minutes in the Sauna would be good for me as well.

Within a few days the new meds will start making me feel better and back to normal (YAY!)    I am down over 30 pounds this year (even better!) and he is thrilled that I am gluten free.  

I'm really excited to get back in the pool!   I don't see Dr. P again until March and I'd love to be down another 20 pounds by then.   We shall see!

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