Sunday, March 30, 2014

Product Review

I have been gluten free now for almost 8 months.

Something I have to clarify about being gluten free - it's a lifestyle change.   It's NOT a diet.     Many gluten free products are loaded in carbs or are high in weight watchers points.   For the most part, I don't really eat products that say "gluten free" as part of their branding.   I eat more clean.   Meats.   Proteins.   Veggies.  Fruits.   Etc..... every once in a while we will have some gluten free pasta.

One thing I truly miss though is having a good sandwich.    A comfort food of mine is toast with a few spritz's of spray butter and jelly.   Recently, I discovered Schar gluten free classic white bread.   I would have never ever even tried the stuff had it not been for a random stranger suggesting it to me when we were grocery shopping at a different Giant grocery store (our Giant doesn't have this....yet).     Anywhoo - we bought it and we LOVE it.    First of all, it does NOT taste like cardboard.  Secondly, there's no weird flour like aftertaste that I have discovered with some gluten free products.    It's amazing.   Whether to have solo, or to make a sandwich with.... or even toast.

I give this product an A+

In fact, I like it so much that I just bought it online in bulk to freeze.    
Easter is coming and now I'll be able to have an actual egg salad sandwich for a treat!  

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