Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gluten free WORKS - here's the labs!

One of the frustrations about gluten free I experience is I think people expect to see me thinner than I am.   And although gluten free HAS helped me lose weight....   And I no longer have ridiculous weight gains..... there are also benefits "behind the scenes" such as in lab work.  

Since going gluten free I have officially (as of TODAY) hit my lowest weight in almost FOUR years.
Since going gluten free I have dropped not one, not two, but THREE (and super close to 4) sizes.

Below are lab results from June 2013 and then from this past week.

a1c (AKA Diabetes baby)
June 2013:  5.3  (good, but close to the scary 6)
May 2014:  4.4

Fasting glucose
June 2013:  91 (normal range is 70-99)
May 2014:  77 (yep, down FOURTEEN POINTS)

Urea nitrogren  (kidneys/liver)
June 2013: 15  (range: 7-18)
May 2014:  13

Creatinine (kidney function)
June 2013:  0.73 (Range 0.51-0.95)
May 2014:  0.61

June 2013:  140 (range 136-144)
May 2014: 136

June 2013:  4.8 (range 3.6-5.2)
May 2014:  4.10

Stayed the same at 101 - range is 100-108

Carbon dioxide
Stayed the same at 21 and the range is 21-32

Stayed the same at 9.00 - range is 8.5-10.1

This for some reason isn't on my June test but my May result is 7.00 and the range is 6.4-8.2

Albumin (AKA how does the blood flow/move molecules)
Stayed the same at 3.8 -- range is 3.4-5.0

Percent body fat June 2013:   56%   (EW!!!!!)
Percent body fat May 2014:   39%  

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