Tuesday, April 19, 2016

PCOSC16: Sasha Ottey's Session on PCOS Advocacy

Sasha Ottey is amazing.   She is the founder of PCOS Challenge.    They can use as much help as they can get - please visit the website and see how you can help.    You can sign up to give $5 a week. In these tough economic times, I'm sure we can find a way to spare $1.25 a week.

Sash's presentation focused on the fact that PCOS is the MOST COMMON endocrine disorder out there but the lack of information is disturbing.   It is undiagnosed, untreated, and unsupported.   She referred to PCOS as an "orphan condition" and would like to see PCOS as a Public Health priority.

What was disturbing to learn was that 0.1% of the funding out there goes to PCOS research.   Actually, less.    Sasha inspired us to let our voices be heard (hence these public posts).

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