Wednesday, June 14, 2017


It's no secret that sleep is important.    It also happens to be that one thing that we (especially as women) are masters at compromising with.     You're up late watching a show, or out with the girls and you KNOW you need to be up early in the morning.   You easily can justify your soon to come exhaustion by telling yourself you will stop for a soda or coffee on the way in to your meeting, etc...

I know I'm guilty of this.    I'm now a mother of two children, a full time special education teacher, and I find myself not having enough hours in the day (especially during the school year).

As you know, I've been doing Weight Watchers.   This past week I lost SEVEN pounds and I swear a big part of the reasoning behind this is not just how awesome the program is but I made healthy choices all around including SLEEP.    School is out for summer and I'm not afraid to sleep in or take a nap with the kids.

Here are some really awesome articles on sleep .... click around.... did you learn anything?

PCOS nutrition

American Psychological Association will blow your mind

National Heart, Blood, and Lung Institute

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