Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Weight Watchers Update

I think one of the hardest things for women with PCOS (let alone for women with PCOS AND HASHIMOTO's) is finding the diet that works for them.   It's not easy.   You know losing weight is hard because of factors x, y, and z of PCOS... and even more difficult when you have a loser thyroid.   So you find yourself VERY AWARE of what OTHER people are doing and you become very CURIOUS (almost obsessed) to see how well they do things/reach goals/etc...

For example, I tried doing keto.   It was awesome.    I liked it.   It wasn't that hard.   And I did see results.    But it wasn't sustainable.   As soon as I broke a rule, my body paid a price.   My kidneys also decided they didn't like it.    I see lots of women rocking out with Keto, but it wasn't for me.

Shakeology/21 day fix.... I have many friends who have done this.   And again... saw success.... but it wasn't sustainable.   As soon as they stopped, the weight came back on.   Personally, I've never tried it mainly because I'm too cheap.

Low carb is my thing, I notice that being low carb is extremely beneficial to me.    When I signed up for weight watchers I still wanted to be low carb and the only thing I hate about being low carb is the lack of fruit.    Well, I am proud to say that I am now at TWENTY-NINE pounds lost with being low carb and re-joining weight watchers.   Last night I came in at 16.8 pounds lost since attending meetings which meant I earned a charm for my keychain.

In about 44 hours we are leaving for Disney and I do plan to stick to my "diet" in Disney.   Yes, you read that right.   For me, this is working.    Going to meetings is extremely helpful and helps me be accountable.    I have a friend at my meeting who has lost over 100lbs and she is so encouraging and inspiring.    I know weight watchers doesn't work for everyone... and like anything else out there if I stop doing it I will see a major consequence.... but what I love about it is that it IS sustainable.   It doesn't matter where I am, I can follow the plan without issue.

I think it's pretty neat that I had to go out and buy new clothes for my Disney trip bc my old ones are too big.    I have a pile in my bedroom that is going to Goodwill so I stay focused.    I've learned that if I have bigger clothes laying around, I won't be as disciplined.  

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