Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Gluten Free Baked Oatmeal!

I absolutely LOVE baked oatmeal.... but now being gluten free it's going to be tough.

This recipe looks amazing!    I think we're going to have to put it on our "experimentation" list.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

So many quotes, so little time...

Warning: If you choose to read PASTRIX, Pastor Nadia DOES swear from time to time. to some, it is offensive. To me - it is not. I'm an inner city Philadelphian who moved to the "country" to teach high school.... it takes a lot to ruffle my feathers. I did enjoy her one quote (of MANY) on GRACE: “God's grace is not defined as God being forgiving to us even though we sin. Grace is when God is a source of wholeness, which makes up for my failings. My failings hurt me and others and even the planet, and God's grace to me is that my brokenness is not the final word ... it's that God makes beautiful things out of even my own shit. Grace isn't about God creating humans and flawed beings and then acting all hurt when we inevitably fail and then stepping in like the hero to grant us grace - like saying, "Oh, it's OK, I'll be the good guy and forgive you." It's God saying, "I love the world too much to let your sin define you and be the final word. I am a God who makes all things new.”

Evangelism and such

I belong to a facebook group for ELCA members and recently a post was made about PASTRIX which, as you already know, is a book I am presently reading.     Well, I am seven chapters in and I'm writing all over this autographed awesome-ness.   As members of the ELCA group were posting, I suggested a book club be started for those of us who a.) read the book and b.) enjoy Nadia's perspective and contribution to the ELCA community.   So if you would like to become a part of this book club, let me know and I'll send you an invite!   Our reading schedule is below!

Week of January 5, 2014:
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - The Rowing Team
  • Chapter 2 - God's Aunt

Week of January 12, 2014:
  • Chapter 3 - Albion Babylon
  • Chapter 4 - La Femme Nadia
  • Chapter 5 - Thanks, ELCA

Week of January 19, 2014:
  • Chapter 6 - Hurricanes and Humiliation
  • Chapter 7 - I Didn't Call You for this Truth Bullshit
  • Chapter 8 - Clinical Pastoral Education

Week of January 26, 2014:
  • Chapter 9 - Ennuchs and Hermaphrodites
  • Chapter 10 - Cotton Candy

Week of February 2, 2014:
  • Chapter 11 - Pirate Christian
  • Chapter 12 - The Haitian Stations of the Cross

Week of February 9, 2014:
  • Chapter 13 - Demons and Snow Angels
  • Chapter 14 - Doormats and Wrinkled Vestments

Week of February 16, 2014:
  • Chapter 15 - ghosts in the Kingdom of Heaven
  • Chapter 16 - Dirty Fingernails
  • Chapter 17 - The Wrong Kind of Different

Week of February 23, 2014:
  • Chapter 18 - He's a Fuck-up, but He's OUR Fuck-up
  • Chapter 19 - Beer & Hymns  

Week of March 2, 2014 (Ash Wednesday is March 5)
  • Book reflection
  • How can we tie in Nadia's Evangelism to our Lenten Journey with Christ?  

Thank you, Fitbit!

My Fitbit Charge HR broke.   I took it off and it just ... broke.    I got in contact with FitBit customer service and even though my...