Saturday, September 21, 2013

Because Right Now

"Because Right Now..."
Written by Leigh Anne Elizabeth Geib
A "poem" about PCOS advocacy and WHY it's so important.

-Because every woman has a story to tell, and deserves to be listened to.

-Because right now a woman is waking up to her period, and crying.  Another month of disappointment.

-Because right now a woman is learning her child is still born.

-Because right now a woman is miscarrying.

-Because right now a woman is feeling like less of a woman.

-Because right now a woman cries as she looks in the mirror at her body.

-Because right now a woman is googling like crazy trying to find a doctor who can help.

-Because right now a woman is standing on a scale, cussing and crying after working out so hard all week and eating so healthy and still seeing no change

-Because right now a woman worries about her marriage and why her husband stands by her when she is "failing" as a wife.

-Because right now a husband is having his sperm tested.   Because it has to be him, it can't be her - his bride is perfect in his eyes.  

-Because right now a woman is flipping out at someone for not understanding why adoption is not the answer.

-Because right now a husband holds his wife and says nothing.   Just holds her and wipes her tears.

-Because right now a woman is praying for a child.

-Because right now a mother is worrying for her daughter.

-Because right now a teenaged girl is contemplating taking her life.

-Because right now a husband is wondering how he can help.

-Because right now a father hides a tear after hearing the news his grandbaby has passed in the womb.

-Because right now a woman is taking her femara or clomid.

-Because right now a woman's insides are being torn up from her metformin.

-Because right now we need answers.

-Because right now we need hope.

-Because right now and forever this needs to be taken seriously.

-Because right now women are blaming themselves.

-Because right now a woman is peeing on a stick.

-Because right now she is seeing a positive result and she is happy and terrified at the same time.

-Because right now a woman is giving birth to her miracle baby.

-Because right now a woman is watching her baby sleep and thinking, "Thank you God, for never allowing me to give up."

Monday, September 2, 2013

Random fact

Worldwide, PCOS affects 6% to 10% of women, making it the most common endocrinopathy in women of childbearing age

3+ weeks!

Well, hubby and I have been gluten free for over three weeks now.    I'm feeling GREAT!   We did experiment a bit and had a small amount of gluten to "see" if we truly are gluten sensitive.... and we definitely are.   We were sick to our stomachs after having just a smidge.

I think our biggest challenge is social acceptance on some levels, mainly with family.    Gluten is not the same as glucose.    And gluten sensitivity CAN happen even if you were raised on wheat, pasta, etc....  perhaps that is why it happened.

I would like to say that I went to the ENT for a follow up and all of my sinus issues and flare ups as of this time ARE GONE.    He doesn't even see evidence of a problem.   Our next "hurdle" is good ole cold and flu season.   He does feel that gluten free can be thanked for such a clean bill of health.   We had a nice chat about the pros of being gluten free.  

Now that I'm done with the steroids and I'm done with AF, I'm hoping to see a loss on the scale this week.   I will say though that for the 2+ weeks I was on the steroid... I gained no weight!   I did have the typical AF bloat but no significant weight gain.

So now.... bring on the weight loss!    Here's hoping!   :)

Thank you, Fitbit!

My Fitbit Charge HR broke.   I took it off and it just ... broke.    I got in contact with FitBit customer service and even though my...