Saturday, September 21, 2013

Because Right Now

"Because Right Now..."
Written by Leigh Anne Elizabeth Geib
A "poem" about PCOS advocacy and WHY it's so important.

-Because every woman has a story to tell, and deserves to be listened to.

-Because right now a woman is waking up to her period, and crying.  Another month of disappointment.

-Because right now a woman is learning her child is still born.

-Because right now a woman is miscarrying.

-Because right now a woman is feeling like less of a woman.

-Because right now a woman cries as she looks in the mirror at her body.

-Because right now a woman is googling like crazy trying to find a doctor who can help.

-Because right now a woman is standing on a scale, cussing and crying after working out so hard all week and eating so healthy and still seeing no change

-Because right now a woman worries about her marriage and why her husband stands by her when she is "failing" as a wife.

-Because right now a husband is having his sperm tested.   Because it has to be him, it can't be her - his bride is perfect in his eyes.  

-Because right now a woman is flipping out at someone for not understanding why adoption is not the answer.

-Because right now a husband holds his wife and says nothing.   Just holds her and wipes her tears.

-Because right now a woman is praying for a child.

-Because right now a mother is worrying for her daughter.

-Because right now a teenaged girl is contemplating taking her life.

-Because right now a husband is wondering how he can help.

-Because right now a father hides a tear after hearing the news his grandbaby has passed in the womb.

-Because right now a woman is taking her femara or clomid.

-Because right now a woman's insides are being torn up from her metformin.

-Because right now we need answers.

-Because right now we need hope.

-Because right now and forever this needs to be taken seriously.

-Because right now women are blaming themselves.

-Because right now a woman is peeing on a stick.

-Because right now she is seeing a positive result and she is happy and terrified at the same time.

-Because right now a woman is giving birth to her miracle baby.

-Because right now a woman is watching her baby sleep and thinking, "Thank you God, for never allowing me to give up."

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