Wednesday, October 26, 2016

It's been a while!

Sometimes having PCOS paired with Hypothyroidism (let alone Hashimoto's) is a real pain.   Literally.    This past summer, I decided that instead of focusing on weight loss which seems to be the challenge of my life, I'm going to work on getting myself right metabolically.    I was successful!   I didn't lose much weight at all, weight watchers really wasn't working out for me, but I was able to work on lowering my numbers all around.      I received my labs back and I was completely impressed by them, but I noticed that my thyroid labs weren't back.    Uh-oh.  

I'm going through some very serious issues right now with my thyroid.    And while I won't go into detail just yet, I will say that prayers would be appreciated.    I don't even want to go into detail because it's only going to cause more anxiety, pain, and panic.  

On a positive side, I've been doing a LCHF diet and I absolutely love it.   I was very skeptical of this "WOE" (way of eating) because the math seemed too complex and it just seemed incredibly overwhelming.   I've got enough on my plate.   I didn't need to learn something new.    Well, thanks to Myfitnesspal, it's a breeze!   Mark is on board and we're doing this together.   I am down a total of 16.1 pounds in one month and while I know this may be a "honeymoon phase," I am incredibly optimistic.     I realized that a lot of my carbs were coming from fruit on weight watchers and it just wasn't working for me.    Here's hoping I can start fitting into more clothing from my "Gee I wish these fit" bin.   

Thank you, Fitbit!

My Fitbit Charge HR broke.   I took it off and it just ... broke.    I got in contact with FitBit customer service and even though my...