Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Supplement Chart

Sometimes technology can be a blessing ... sometimes a curse.   In this case, definitely a blessing.   PCOS Diva is someone to "follow" if you aren't doing so already.   Here's an awesome chart found on their website about supplements that may be helpful.

It's finally over. Sort of.

Back in October, my thyroid started misbehaving.   Again.   We found a problematic spot on the thyroid that had the very real potential of turning into a serious problem.    It was scary.   There's no other words for it.   I am pleased to say that after 210+ days, I am finally and I mean FINALLY on the mend.   I want to thank my amazing team of doctors for their help and guidance during this very confusing and frustrating time.    I also need to thank my amazing husband for standing by me through the scary stuff.   Sometimes I feel so guilty as a wife because while I didn't ask to be born with two autoimmune issues (PCOS and Hashimoto's), he did make the vow to stand by me in sickness and in health... and I really feel like we have hit the sickness quota by now.    The good news is I am now finally down to this beauty:

After my treatment, I had to have NINETY days of "monitored maintenance" meaning I needed my labs to hold steady.   Well, go figure, my last and final lab draw, I had a surge in TSH to 17.10 - no bueno.   The good news is we found it, and we're watching it, and I only need to take a 175 daily with my supplements.   I will take a 175 twice one day per week and we'll go back and check the TSH in 6 weeks.    Because of the thyroid cancer markers, and because my thyroid is now completely burned out (it's seriously there for decoration at this point) I'll definitely be taking magnesium for the rest of my life.

I'm feeling quite optimistic.  

Due to the inflammation from the thyroid nonsense I also needed to have some very painful sinus surgery which I'm finally completely recovered from.   After 8+ months of nonsense and steroids, I'm also happy to report that I'm down 21.7 pounds thanks to weight watchers and low carb,  

PCOS and Asthma

There is a link between PCOS and Asthma!   I knew it!   I was diagnosed with asthma after having my son.   Doctors found it strange that I had never had it until after pregnancy.  It's amazing how much information is up and coming... the more we advocate about this... the more people know... the more people know... the more people helped!

Also... check this out on histamine intolerance.

PCOS Challenge Website

If you haven't already, get yourself signed up on the PCOS Challenge website.

I'm not super active posting there, but it's a wealth of information.   My profile name is LeLe244.

Below are some really awesome excerpts from the PCOS Challenge publication for this month.

Knowledge is power!

Anxiety is very real for me and my PCOS.    I do not take a Rx for Anxiety as I was told it's not necessary, but I do use Ovasitol as well as CHERRIES!   I believe I posted about this before.   Long story short, but the same chemical composition in cherries is found current leading Rx's for anxiety.  Real cherries, maraschino, and sometimes even cherry flavored anything can help alleviate those feelings.   Plus, it's an anti-inflammatory which makes it a win win in my book!  

Thank you, Fitbit!

My Fitbit Charge HR broke.   I took it off and it just ... broke.    I got in contact with FitBit customer service and even though my...