Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hashimoto's info...

Hashimoto's, yo.

Dr. P Appointment Update

Well.... we knew this was going to happen eventually.... my thyroid is in crisis.

I had some labs done about a week and a half ago.    All of my PCOS labs came back perfect, but as suspected, my thyroid is being a bit of a rebel.     My levels were NOT good and on Wednesday night Dr. P's office had called to talk of concerns regarding my thyroid even though we would be discussing it on Friday at my appointment.

After having Elliot, I went from having a thyroid condition to a flat out disease.    Specifically, Hashimoto's AutoImmune Hypothyroiditis.    It's annoying from time to time.   I knew I was "off" because I had the usual signs.   Dry skin.   Cold feet.    No movement in either direction on the scale.   Tired.   Easily annoyed.  

Because this disease can have an impact on my joints, Dr. P recommended I go back to my roots.   Swimming.    He wrote me a note to get my Curves membership cancelled so that I can join the YMCA.   I joined this morning and I'm really excited!   There are THREE water classes that meet after work at the VA location.    There are two that meet at the main location.   And there are two classes on Saturday's in the mornings ..... one of which meets when the kids korner child care is up and running.    In addition to this, lap swimming will be available (YAY!)

Even if I have a day where I don't necessarily "exercise" - a good 10-15 minutes in the Sauna would be good for me as well.

Within a few days the new meds will start making me feel better and back to normal (YAY!)    I am down over 30 pounds this year (even better!) and he is thrilled that I am gluten free.  

I'm really excited to get back in the pool!   I don't see Dr. P again until March and I'd love to be down another 20 pounds by then.   We shall see!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 30

Day 30.... Starting at your toes and working up to your head, name each part of your body and how your illness has affected it, followed by something you like about that part of your body.

PCOS and Hashimoto's has had a physical impact.... all over the place.    I'm not going to go in any particular order.

Obviously my reproductive organs are impacted and I don't really want to go into too much detail there, but clearly something I love is they're finally working because Elliot is here!

My feet almost always have polish on the nails but I know my thyroid is acting up when my feet are ice cold.

My joints locked up a lot before I went gluten free but hey, I have nice soft skin!

My hair, because of pcos, can get greasy..... but it's pretty thick and hubby thinks it's perty.  

Belly..... not a fan, but I loved it when pregnant!

Day 29

Day 29:  What has helped you cope with the stress of this lifestyle?

GOD.   Yep, it's THAT simple.

Day 28

Day 28:  Name five things you have achieved despite your illness

1.   PREGNANCY (and naturally, at that)
3.   NURSING (even if it was brief....)

Day 27

Day 27:  What's the most helpful advice you have had?

It's actually my own advice.... trust your body.   Trust your instincts.   If you don't feel your doctor is meeting your needs.... then move on to a new doctor!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 26

Day 26:   Impact on friends, family, partner

I think above all this has impacted not just me but my husband.    Obviously, without going into too much detail, the infertility component was difficult not just for me but for my husband as well.   I'm blessed with a supportive and knowledgeable partner - that's for sure!    He knows me just as well as I know me, and for that - I am thankful!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day 25

Five activities I've engaged in because of my illness that I probably wouldn't have done before:

1.  Water aerobics - I've always loved the pool and I absolutely love water aerobics but I used to think it was just for old ladies.   PCOS women need a balance of strength training and cardio and water aerobics affords this.

2.  Attending webinars - that's a first

3.  Signing up for various email lists

4.  Chat rooms/PCOS specific forums

5.  Studied natural healing

Saturday, November 2, 2013

day 24

Day 24:   Managing social life

Really, the PCOS and thyroid issues haven't impacted my social life too much.   Maybe some slight anxiety.   Through social networking I've been able to get help for any questions/concerns/venting needing addressed.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Day 23

Day 23:   What do you say to yourself when you need a pep talk?

I basically try to do something to relax me.   I typically pray, listen to good music, and just reassure myself that I am in good hands and to just take one day at a time!

Thank you, Fitbit!

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