Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Taking the Ovasitol Plunge....

At the PCOS Symposium, there was a lot of talk about Ovasitol.  There were vendors from theralogix giving out free samples, which I definitely took.   

I wasn't sure if Ovasitol was something for me or not.  I'm not diabetic.   I'm barely insulin resistant.   I am not TTC.    ((Wow.... that is so WEIRD to type!!!))

The more the symposium went on and the more I heard about Ovasitol and how it's the only PROVEN Inositol helper because of the 40:1 ratio and the metabolic make up of a cysters body.  

So here is what I learned about it.
  1. It improves ovulatory function - and even though I'm no longer trying to conceive, I need healthy ovaries.  
  2. Decreases serum androgen
  3. Decreases blood pressure
  4. Decreases triglycerides
  5. Decreases testosterone - yes, please!
  6. Helps obese women with PCOS insulin sensitivity... in particular women with diabetic relatives ----- um.... my family history stinks.   Mom is diabetic.   Dad is diabetic.   Several aunts, uncles, cousins that are diabetic.... this was a selling point for me.  
  7. Helps control appetite
  8. Lowers your A1C within the first 6-12 months if taken properly
  9. Combined therapy myo-inositol plus DCI reduces the risk of metabolic disease.   The research for this fact alone is remarkable.  
I ended up taking a look at my PCOS Workbook and PCOS Dietitians Guide and found myself going right to the author, Angela Grassi, who explained how the Ovasitol can help my body.   She also told me that she noticed that within the first year her A1C levels decreased as well.  If you look at the science and the research, this makes perfect sense.  

I am on day four and I already feel a difference.   I don't feel the "slug" at the end of the work day and I don't feel the "fog" feeling that comes after a meal.    I confess that I was stubborn before trying this.   How I came to my decision:
  • Attended the PCOS Symposium
  • Talked with Representatives at Theralogix
  • Did self research online via various PCOS websites
  • Straight up emailed an author
  • Talked to my endocrinologist
  • Read some more research
  • Finally coughed up the $78 which is really only $26 a month

I encourage you to visit the following links from PCOS Diva as she has some helpful videos that can explain this far better than I can.  

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