Tuesday, September 20, 2011

3d/4d ultrasound take one

On Saturday, hubby and I went for a 3d/4d ultrasound at "Womb with a View"

I'm excited to see the photos above of Elliot but we're actually going back for "take two" on October 3rd because he was being such a stinker.

How was he being a stinker? HAHAHA let me elaborate...
  1. His head is nuzzled into my placenta as if he is using it as a pillow. This means he hasn't turned yet but he still has plenty of time to do so.
  2. His one hand is "raisin the roof" like he's at some sort of 90's club
  3. His umbilical chord is a good friend of his and it kept getting in the way
  4. He discovered a fun way to show us his butt crack, balls, and penis all at once and then a few shots of just his "junk"
  5. He also had his feet up by his EARS
It's no wonder I feel so many different kicks at a variety of places. He's having a blast in there! So here's hoping that on October 3rd he gives us a better view. If not - oh well. :)

We took these photos off of the DVD. Our next package will have a CD with all still images. The good news is this isn't going to cost us a thing because clearly we can't control the fact that he likes to have his ears near his feet.

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