Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Joy is FILLING my body right now!


Why? I shall tell you!

  1. I weighed in this morning to see a number I have not seen in... oh... I'll guess at least three years. ((After our first miscarriage, my hormones went psycho and my weight just went up up up practically overnight)) Sooooo...........YES, I've hit a new weight loss goal! Whooo hooo!!! I'm thankful for this because if you know anything about PCOS let alone PCOS with Hypothyroidism... you know that weight loss is a challenge. The typical "healthy" person can lose 1-3lbs a week if they put their mind to it. However, we pcos-ers... it takes some effort. I've lost this weight with no medical intervention other than taking my thyroid meds which really are not for weight loss. I was floored when I saw the number. I set my goal this summer to be able to fit into some of my clothes in the attic which are stored in the "gee I wish you would fit" bin. I haven't set a specific "number" to my goal as to what weight I'd like to be, I just want to keep getting smaller - and so far - so good! Ideally, if I lose 10lbs this summer, I'll be thrilled! We shall see!
  2. Yesterday, I called the fertility doctor back. I made the appointment. This took soooooooooooooo much courgage on my part because with the powers of google... I knew I'd have a phone interview. I made it very clear that I'm READY to be a mommy. I made it very clear that I believe when a positive is reached on a test it indicates a BABY and a LIFE and I can't be bothered with "oh its just a fetus" talk. THEY understood. GOOD sign! Last year, I was invited to do a study at a very well known facility and they seemed to have no respect for a life (in my opinion) - I just couldn't put my body through that. My appointment is for July 16th at 1:15pm. They could have had me in on July 2nd but I'll be fresh home from Ireland then and I need time to do the "pre-appointment" chore list.

This is really happening.

I just know in my heart and in my soul, that God is going to bring me a baby.

I don't know how, but I know God has put the desire to be a parent in me for a reason.

I'm feeling very optimistic. Although, I must confess - some of my pre-appointment chores do make me nervous. I felt very respected during the phone conversation and I just feel very good about all of this right now.

God will provide.

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