Monday, February 7, 2011

What a cycle, yikes!

I am so glad my period is finally coming to an end.

TMI? Sorry! But this IS a blog on infertility!

Anywhoo, between the thyroid and this months cycle, I am up FOUR pounds which I hope to have off in a week or two. I've been doing SO well with the new weight watchers but I'm feeling frustrated by this gain even though I essentially did nothing wrong. For two or three weeks the scale stood still and now it is moving - just not in the direction I'd like.

The good news is that my husband has finally joined the YMCA with me which is really exciting for me. It means that we can start setting a schedule for both of us to exercise and it means we can have more time together. Sometimes my struggle is just GETTING to the Y and then I can end up staying there for two or more hours easily.

We need to take this month off from TTC so I'm going to use this month as an excuse to lose as close to 10lbs as possible. I know I can do it now - especially now that I have the appropriate resources to do so. Sometimes its just rough being a woman!

Hopefully everyone else is doing well. I don't get many comments on this blog but I know I have several readers.

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