Thursday, January 20, 2011


Wow! It’s really happening.

Hubby and I are feeling incredibly blessed an optimistic.

Since October, I have menstruated on my own every month and on time. And I’m fairly sure I’ve been ovulating. Our last appointment was wonderful. This month we’ve been put on a “schedule” and from now until the 23rd we’re putting in our best effort for positive results if you know what I mean.

I was talking to my RE about ovulation prediction kits and the PCOS woman and if they were worth our time and money. He had said that truly it depends on the woman, but most of his PCOS patients do not use them. He relies completely on lab work to really see what is going on. So on the 26th I’ll be going in for a day 22 progesterone test in hopes that I did truly ovulate. We’ll test closer to the beginning of the month.

This is just SO exciting for me.

Things are working and I just know God has something wonderful in store for us.

Last night I weighed in at weight watchers and I’m down another 0.6lbs. I’m actually happy with this loss even though it is tiny because I’m literally one pound away from a number I haven’t seen for YEARS. Very excited about that. Plus, last week I was down 3.6lbs so I really wasn’t expecting a big loss this week. I forget exactly how much weight I’ve lost since December 1st, but I think it is 16 or 17 pounds. And if you’re a “cyster” you KNOW that’s a lot. I’m pleased with the new program.

All in all things are going incredibly well for us.

I admit, that a small part of me is just waiting for some sort of “piano” to drop on our heads.

If there is one thing this struggle has taught me, it is to truly trust in God’s Grace and Will. God is in control. We’ll do our parts, but ultimately it is up to Him.

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JMSaries said...

Girl, that is AMAZING!!! I am so glad that you are getting your levels checked each month to see if you ovulated. I should really do that, but I am just relying on my calendar, and my CM! :) My doctor said 3 days after AF, do the BD every other day until AF comes back to cover all the bases!! He also thinks that I am ovulating twice a month or possibly longer than most women!! Crazy!!!!!! Once we get to Ohio, he wants me to get my Progesterone levels checked the same day every week for a month to see.

Awesome about the weightloss too!! If I had a job, I'd totally join! I plan to once we get a little settled in Ohio. :) I am so proud of you girlie!!

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