Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh God, you heard the cry of Hannah -
Please hear my cry tonight.
You made the skies drop manna,
And help Israel through their plight.
You are able to part the seas,
You are the one who is able to heal,
You answered the saints on bended knees,
And now before you I kneel.
I’m not a saint by any measure,
But I come to you just the same.
I hope that you find pleasure
In my humble worship of your name.
And please won’t you grant to me
This longing of my heart?
Won’t you set me free
And make this pain depart?
I’m not asking the impossible,
Just a child to call my own.
Only you can make it possible -
To bring a child into our home.
So I bring my broken heart,
And I cry a pool of tears.
Please Lord give me the part
That has been missing all these years.

~ L.D. "Daviso" 11/13/2005

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