Saturday, January 15, 2011

A rant about excuses...

Having PCOS is not easy. It's not. Let me explain why...
  • You feel confused as to why certain things are happening with your body.
  • You feel confused as to why certain things are NOT happening with your body.
  • You have a variety of symptoms and issues.
  • And if you're lucky... IF you are lucky, you have a good doctor who knows what they're doing and can help you. However, good doctors seem to be lacking for some of my friends. Luckily, I am very blessed with an amazing doctor (now) but I know what it is like to have the bad doctor (then).

With this said, I find excuses to be unacceptable.

Yes, PCOS causes weight.

It does.

Very true.

BUT ladies, you NEED to be PRO-ACTIVE for YOU.

You NEED to recognize the symptoms of PCOS and if you have them, you NEED to see a doctor. And don't stop seeing the doctors until you feel there has been a plan set, a resolution.

Simply saying, 'Oh yea I have PCOS so my doctor just put me on the pill' is NOT acceptable at all what-so-ever.

Please ladies, be ADVOCATES for yourself.

Have ALLLLLL the bloodwork done.


This is YOUR body. This is YOUR life. Don't SETTLE because it's easier.

Furthermore, in regards to weight loss... it IS possible. HOWEVER, if you want to be successful with it you really need to make those appointments and have that bloodwork done, you NEED to know what you are dealing with - for some it is insulin resistance, for some it is hypothyroidism, for some it is high cholestrol or high blood pressure, for some it is testosterone. For many, it is ALL of these and then some.

Ignoring you have PCOS is a problem.

Blaming PCOS for your size is unacceptable. Your size CAN be changed but it all depends on YOU.

::rant over::

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Nicki said...

Sooo true! It's SO easy to blame the extra pounds on PCOS... I'm guilty of it as well. But you're right, there are solutions. They may not be easy solutions, and they may not even be permanent solutions, but as long as you're willing top put up a fight then you DO have a chance at taking back control of your body!

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